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Installing a Solar Energy System, contributes to fewer pollutants emitted into our environment and helps reduce the burden on our electrical grid as well as reducing your overall electricity bill. It is simply the smartest way to invest your hard earned money.

Maintenance Free 10 Year Guarantee

Electric & Solar Geysers

Core to the Duratherm & Solartherm thermal conservation properties is the PEX lining. Geysers with one of the lowest thermal loss characteristics and no tank corrosion.

Reducing Your Long Term Electricity Costs

PV Solar Systems

The costs of electricity from Eskom and other providers are set to increase dramatically in the coming years. Installing PV Solar is the only way to protect yourself against this.

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Water Management

Our unique WaterBank water backup solution is available to assist households manage the uncertainty of water pressure management and water-shedding. With water restrictions in place and serious measures being takem to curb water usage, the WaterBank provides potable water security.


Managing water outages during Cape Town's water crisis

The Waterbank is a unique solution to providing households with drinking water during extreme water pressure reduction by the City of Cape Town.

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Maintenance Free Electric Geyser | Guaranteed for 10 Years

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Maintenance Free Solar Geyser | Guaranteed for 10 Years

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Solar Water Heating System | No Heating Fluid Replacement

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