Duratherm Electric Geysers & Solar Geyser Systems

Duratherm Geysers is a leader in the industry in local content and technology innovation in water heating products and solar systems.

The only main stream geyser and solar system manufacturer that is locally owned, majority black owned and operated level 2 BBBEE contributor with a 125% spend recognition.

Duratherm Geysers (Pty) Ltd

  1. More than 70% local content in the product as verified by SABS during Eskom rebate Programme.
  2. Manufactured in the factory that is ISO 9001 certified.
  3. Black owned and operated manufacturer.
  4. 10-year warranty geyser, low maintenance geyser.
  5. Large site logistics, installations certification, installer training and direct OEM technical support.
  6. Geysers & Solar System superior performance
    1. The Solar system (Geyser and Panel together) must have SANS 1307 certification
      1. The Solar panel must meet the energy requirements of SANS 1307, and not be below Q factor of 10 and not exceed a Q Factor of 12
      2. Duratherm geyser have historically always had energy rating C while competitors had E rating due to the Duratherm geysers superior performance in energy / heat loss rates.
    2. Low maintenance - frequency and cost – tanks and solar panels.
      1. It is not advisable to give a low income household solar systems that are going to be a maintenance challenge for them, which they can’t afford.
      2. Systems with less maintenance are advisable for the low income market. i.e. Tanks that need Anode replacements and panels that need glycol replacements could cost a minimum of R1000.00 per system per year, or R10 000.00 for the warranty period of the system, depending on the area and water conditions

Duratherm enables contractors to be competitive in their public sector bids

  • New Buildings in South Africa are required by law to have 50% of the energy into a geyser come from a renewable source.
    • SANS 10400-XA: The application of the National Building Regulations – Part XA: Energy usage in buildings specifies that at least 50% by volume of the annual average hot water heating requirement shall be provided by means other than electrical resistance heating, including − but not limited to − solar heating, heat pumps, heat recovery from other systems or processes and renewable combustible fuel
  • The DTI’s Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) 2016/17 has also designated solar water heating for local manufacturing with a target a 70% local content designation.
  • Public Sector procurement has begun drill down to construction materials supplier BBBEE levels, not only for main contractor / developer as more than 60% of a construction project can be materials cost, thus procuring Duratherm allows our contractor clients to be competitive in their bids not only from a price point of view but also BBBEE level points.
  • Increasingly building inspectors are not issuing occupation certificates for houses that have non-compliant installations in terms SANS 10400-XA and SANS 1307, using Duratherm products allows a contractor to comply and thus is not at risk in terms of occupation certificate.

Insurance Clients

Duratherm holds several patents and we do continuous research towards evolving geyser technology. Through our technology we are able to offer a 10-year warranty geyser, for Insurance companies a high-quality geyser translates to less insurance claims overtime and reduction of the associated incidental damage costs per incidence of geyser failure.

  • Reduce the volume of incidents of geyser failures
  • Reduce costs associated with incidental damage costs to the insurer

Clients such as Absa, SA Homeloans, Zurich, Mi-way and various incident managers to the insurance industry have chosen to utilise our geyser for their replacements and new installations.

Duratherm has also embarked on a plumber training and development programme supported by Bidvest Plumblink and Absa Skills / Enterprise development. We align and work with contractors who also want to improve the skills and business viability of their plumbing sub-contractors.

Distribution Network

Our products are available through Bidvest Plumblink national footprint of close to 100 stores and/or our various distributors and agents, whichever is most appropriate for the incident manager, contractor and plumber network.

In the Western Cape we have a strong distributor and solar installations company SolEnergy (Pty) Ltd   Solenergy is extensively experience in the Western Cape solar market and will champion and serve your various sites and liaise with your team to ensure effective customer service and quality of work on your sites either as an installer or technical support to train and certify your plumbing sub-contractors on Solar Installations.