Novasun Solar Geyser & Solar Water Heating System

The patented Novasun Solar Water Heating System allows for the 'indirect' heating of water as it flows through the solar collector's header pipe.

This is in turn connected to several enclosed copper pipes containing its heat transfer medium.

Maintenance Free

These Solar Collectors are Maintenance Free from the perspective that they do not require the replacement of the transfer fluid.

As with all types of systems normal visual inspection remains the responsibility of the owner.

Freeze Resistant and Hail Proof

Suitable for all South Africa's climates. The unique benefit of this system is that the solar collector is frost / freeze resistant as the heat transfer fluid's freezing point is -600C. This makes suitable for installation in South Africa's diverse inland climates.

The Novasun, in comparison to other Direct Flat Plate water heating systems, does not require a Freeze Valve or Dump Valve to protect the system agianst a sudden decrease in ambient temperature, freezing or frost conditions.

The SABS has thus rated the system as a Hail Proof, Direct Freeze Resistant Solar Water Heating System.