The Waterbank

The Waterbank is a unique, patented and pressurised steel water reservoir, installable in the roof of your dwelling to see you through whenever municipal water interruptions occur. In order to have normal supply as well as spare potable water, you need a pressurised steel tank.

The Waterbanks' unique design enables municipal water supply to constantly and forcefully move through the Waterbank every time a tap is opened. It therefore continuously replenishes the water in the tank even at low pressures. This provides peace of mind and potable water security to the household.

An exceptional product attribute is that there are no switches, levers, valves, taps, buttons, pumps, filters or chemicals needed for this product.Since it does not even require maintenance, it becomes part of the building's standard infrastructure.

A fully automated, gravity-fed, spare water system is what Waterbank guarantees, and is therefore the safest potable water security solution - especially for the elderly, minors and the disabled. Besides establishing limted potable water security, the Waterbank also serves as the ideal extreme pressure management device.

The Benefits of the Water Bank

The benefits of the Water Bank over and above above conventional plastic tanks are the following;

  • Pressurized - no pumps needed
  • Out of sight - in ceiling compartment or easy to conceal
  • Plastic PEX lining inside for rust protection
  • No contamination whatsoever, sunlight cannot penetrate - no algae growth
  • Tamper proof
  • Cannot overflow (see attached plastic tank pic)
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Low life cycle cost - install it and forget about it
  • Cost effective - no pumps to run and maintain, no walls to hide it, no down pipes for overflow, etc.
  • Fully automated - fills when supply is there and dispenses when supply is off - no valves to open/close, no pumps to start/stop
  • Cannot distort due to ambient temperatures ( see attached plastic tank pic)
  • Can be paralleled if more than 200 liters is required - 200,400,600...
  • Fits through standard ceiling manhole
  • Manufactured to SABS 151 standards under ISO 9001-2008 conditions
  • 5 year guarantee